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RASC Niagara Centre - Library

The Niagara Centre of RASC contains a wealth of library resources, magazine publications, DVD and CD both documentary and general interest information.  Our Niagara Centre Librarian, Linda Ursacki  may be contacted to arrange for library resource information loans or any resource donations.


              • A Brief History in Time
              • A Short History of Astronomy
              • A Treatise of Light
              • A Walk through the Heavens
              • Advance Telescope making one
              • Advance Telescope making two
              • Amateur Astronomer
              • Astronomers Stars
              • Astronomical Algorithms
              • Astronomical Optics
              • Astronomy Magazines
              • Astronomy with an opera Glass
              • Astrophotography for the Amateur
              • Astrophotography Step by Step
              • Beginners Guide to Amateur Astronomy
              • Beyond the Moon
              • Black holes and Baby Universes
              • Black holes and time Warps
              • Black holes end of time
              • Book of the Cosmos
              • Bubbles, Voids and Bumps in time
              • Burnham’s Celestial handbook One
              • Burnham’s Celestial handbook Three
              • Burnham’s Celestial handbook Two
              • Chandra
              • Comet Explorer CD-ROM
              • Comets, Creators and Destroyers
              • Cosmos
              • Cosmic Coincidences
              • Cosmic connections
              • Cosmic Enigmas
              • Cosmology +1
              • Curiosities of the Sky
              • Deep Sky Objects
              • Deep Sky Observers Handbooks 6
              • Discover the Moon
              • Eclipse
              • Entering Space
              • Exploring the Starry Sky
              • Field Guide to Stars and Planets
              • Find the Constellations
              • Fireside Astronomy
              • Footprints on the Moon
              • Frank's Book of the Telescope
              • Frozen Star
              • Galaxies
              • Highlights in Astronomy
              • How to use an Astronomical Telescope
              • Hubble Space DVD
              • Lunar observing Program
              • Mask of the Universe
              • Newton’s Principia
              • NGC 20000
              • Norton's star Atlas
              • Observing Variable Stars
              • Pathfinder and the Best of Mars CD
              • Projects Space
              • Red Giants and White Dwarfs
              • Robotic Observatories
              • Skyways
              • Space Travel a History
              • Starlight Nights
              • Telescopes for Sky Gazing
              • The Amateur Astronomers Catalog
              • The Amateur Astronomers Handbook
              • The Astronomer's Source Book
              • The Backyard Astronomers Guide
              • The Cambridge Deep-Sky Album
              • The Celestial Sphere book and VHS
              • The Dark Night Sky
              • The Elegant Universe
              • The Facts on File Dictionary
              • The First Three Minutes
              • The Glow in the Dark Book
              • The Light at the Edge of the Universe
              • The Milky Way
              • The MK Process and Stellar classification
              • The New Cosmos
              • The Realm of the Nebulae
              • The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence
              • The Shadows of creation
              • The Sky Observer's Guide
              • The Universe
              • The Whisper and the Vision
              • Thursday's Universe
              • Total Solar Eclipse of 2006
              • Touring the Universe Through Binoculars
              • Turn Left at Orion
              • Universe Guide to Stars and Planets
              • Urban Astronomy
              • Using Astronomical Telescopes VHS